Checklist Components

These field types are essential components of Chekhub’s digital checklists and systems. Each serves a specific purpose in capturing and managing data effectively. Each field type includes space for a description and optional media upload.


A grouping mechanism used to organize steps within a checklist. Sections help in categorizing content, making it easier for users to navigate and complete.


A field type that allows users to mark off items from a predefined list of tasks or options. It's typically used to ensure all necessary steps or requirements are addressed.


Allows users to enter free-form text. This field can be used for open-ended responses, comments, or any other textual input.


A field specifically for numerical input up to 16 digits.


A mobile-friendly field type where users make a selection or decision by swiping in a specific direction. It's often used for quick yes/no decisions or to like/dislike options.


A binary field that can be either checked or unchecked. It represents a single choice, typically used for agreements, confirmations, or enabling/disabling options.


A field that allows users to select only one option from a list of predefined choices. This is commonly used in forms where a single, exclusive choice is required.

Multiple Select

Similar to Single-Choice but allows users to select more than one option from the list. It's used when multiple choices are applicable.


A special field type designed for making choices that often influence subsequent content or actions within the form. Each choice requires configuration of a respective branch. The steps in each branch will only be shown if the decision step value matches the specified formula.


A field for generating subsequent tickets. The ticket template and naming convention may be configured when building the checklist. Users are provided space to enter a ticket message as well as an optional attachment field*. Tickets generated by this field are created upon checklist submission and are linked to their ‘parent’ by default.


A field for uploading images. Users can select and upload a file from their device, or capture a new photo directly through the form. (File types supported: ai, gif, jpeg, jpg, png, svg, tif, bmp, psd, svg)


Similar to the Image field but for video files. Users can upload or record a video to submit as part of their form response. (File types supported: mp4, mov, mpg, mpeg, webm)


A generic upload field that allows users to attach files of various types*. Restrictions on  quantity may apply depending on the checklist’s requirements.


Allows the user to add multiple items to a list compiled of up to 2 columns and any desired number of rows.


A field designed to capture barcode or QR code information. Users can scan a barcode or QR code using a device's camera, or upload an image of the code manually. An option is also included for input validation.


Similar to the Date/Time field but restricted to selecting only a date. Used for capturing dates without a specific time component.


Allows users to select both a date and a time. This field is useful for scheduling events, setting deadlines, or recording specific timestamps.


Allows users to select a specific time, without a date component. Useful for setting time-specific reminders or schedules.


Captures a handwritten signature. Users can sign directly on a touch-enabled device or use a mouse on a computer. This field type is often used for consent or approval.

Compound Signature

A more complex signature field that combines a handwritten signature with an image uploader to provide additional information, such as a print name, certification, drivers license, or other relevant details.

* The attachment field on a ticket is limited to 50MB per attachment. File types supported include: doc, dot, docx, docb, wbk, docm, dotm, ppt, pot, pps, pptx, potm, potx, ppsm, ppsx, pptm, xls, xlt, xltx, xlsx, xlsm, xlsxm, xlsb, xltm, xlw, ai, gif, jpeg, jpg, png, svg, tif, bmp, psd, svg, mp4, mov, mpg, mpeg, webm, mp3, m4p, m4a, wav, wma, mmf, msv, aiff, aif, mid, midi, ogg, csv, pdf, key, xml, txt, zip, eml