Create Approval Chains

How to Create an Approval Chain with Multiple Steps

Approval chains can be added directly onto and created in tickets, but we are going to go through the Admin panel and create an Approval Chain template. To get started, go to the Admin panel, and find the Approvals tab.


From here, click the +Add on the Chains section to get started creating an Approval Chain.


When creating an approval chain from the Admin panel, it will ask you to name the approval chain for future use. You can also add a description of when you would use this particular chain. Once you add a Stage, using the +Stage button, you will be able to add the instruction for that particular step. After you create a step, there are several different options. 

If you are finished with the chain, just click the checkmark to save.

You can add an additional Stage with the +Stage button. 

You can add additional steps to an existing stage with the +Chain button.

You can add additional approvers to the current step with the Add Approver button. 

Here is an example of a Site Access Approval Chain.