Create an Asset

Learn how to add a new Asset to your Chekhub account

You can follow the text guide below or if you would like to see a more visual representation you can follow our Slideshow

  1. To Create an Asset, start from the Assets Dashboard in the navigation dashboard on the left side of your screen.
  2. Once on the Assets Dashboard, click on the button in the top right that says Create Asset.
  3. Choose the name for your Asset.
  4. Asset Tags are unique to the Asset and can be used as a specific identifier, similar to a serial number.
  5. Assets are able to be nested under a specific Location that can also be created on the Assets Dashboard.
  6. The physical address of where the asset is located, this will allow it to be viewed on the Map Dashboard.
  7. Qualifications can be set to define any specific experience that may be required for this particular asset.
  8. PM Rules can be set in the Admin Panel and can be used to set up specific rules that all tickets will follow for this specific Asset.
  9. You can add things such as an address or phone number as additional properties.
  10. Any other documentation such as images or PDFs can be added as an attachment.
  11. Click the Checkmark to save your changes.
  12. You have now added a new Asset to your Organization!