Create a Team

Learn how to add a new Team to your Chekhub account

You can follow the text guide below or if you would like to see a more visual representation you can follow our Slideshow
  1. To create a Team, start from the Teams page in the navigation dashboard on the left side of your screen.
  2. Once on the Teams page, click on the button on the left next to All Teams that is +Team
  3. There are three options when selecting a team type:
    1. Standard Team: This will be the default team type for your direct employees.
    2. Vendor Team: This will be the team type for any external vendors that do work for you. 
    3. Customer Team: This will be the team type for any customers external to your Organization. 
  4. Enter a name for the Team that you are adding.
  5. Select the parent for the Team to choose where it is nested.
  6. You can add things such as an address or phone number as additional properties
  7. Click the Checkmark to save your changes
  8. You have now added a new Team to your Organization