Create a Ticket

Learn how to create a new Ticket on your Chekhub account

You can follow the text guide below or if you would like to see a more visual representation you can follow our Slideshow
  1. To create a Ticket, start from the Dashboard in the navigation dashboard on the left side of your screen.
  2. Once on the Dashboard, click on the button in the top right that says Create Ticket.
  3. Choose a Date when this Ticket will be due by.
  4. Choose a Location or Asset that the Ticket will be done at.
  5. Choose the Checklist that will be completed for this Ticket.
  6. Choose which Teams or Members will be doing the work.
  7. You are also able to add a Workflow that can be used to assign more than one Location or Asset, Checklist, and Team or Member.
  8. Click the Checkmark to save your changes.
  9. You have now created a new Ticket for your Organization!