Create a Ticket

Learn how to create a new Ticket on your Chekhub account

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard:
    • Access the Dashboard from the navigation menu on the left side of your screen.
  2. Initiate Ticket Creation:
    • Click the "Create Ticket" button located in the top right corner of the Dashboard.
  3. Enter Ticket Details:
    • There are four main components needed when creating a ticket; they are considered the "Four Pillars".
      • When: Due Date
        • Select the date by which the ticket is due.
      • Where: Location or Asset
        • Choose the specific location or asset associated with the ticket.
      • What: Checklist
        • Select the checklist that needs to be completed for this ticket.
      • Who: Teams or Members
        • Assign the teams or members responsible for the work.ticket components (1)
  1. Add Additional Conditions:
    • Choose to toggle on the following conditions if your ticket requires them:
      • Service Dispatch
      • Require Check In
      • Prevent Early Start
      • Enable Asset Validation
  2. Add a Workflow (Optional):
    • If necessary, add a workflow to assign multiple locations or assets, checklists, and teams or members to the ticket.
  3. Save the Ticket:
    • Click the checkmark to save your changes.
You have now successfully created a new ticket for your organization in Chekhub!