Member Preferences

What are Member Preferences, and What Do They Do

Member Preferences are a set of editable information that will allow for a user to specify things such as primary location, work hours, and notification preferences. 

In order to get started, click the Profile Menu in the top right, and you will see a drop down like the one pictured below. From here, we will select 'Edit preferences.'


You will be taken to the Edit Member Preferences screen in the pop-out on the right side of your screen. From here you will be able to edit several different aspects of personal and work-related information. 


Bio, Location Name and Address

Work Hours

A list of available work hours, configurable for availability for 'off hours' 


Availability to add Vacation blocks, selectable from a calendar


A configurable list for Ticket Owner and Ticket Watcher notification preferences. 
  • Updates
    • Get alerted on all ticket status updates

  • Approvals
    • Get alerted when tickets have been approved

  • Task Completion
    • Get alerted when checklists are completed

  • Ticket Exceptions
    • Get alerted on ticket exceptions. Out of range values, overdue tickets, etc.

  • Service Dispatch
    • Get alerted when tickets are dispatched using the Service Dispatch feature.