Release Notes

Full description of Chekhub product releases


  • Barcodes Step Enhancements
      • The checklist step for Barcode has been updated to allow for the use of multiple barcodes.
      • Users are now able to enter parameters for what is expected for a Barcode type step. The step will not accept the input if the predefined parameters are not met. 
  • Prevent Early Start
    • Added a configuration when Creating a Ticket to prevent users from starting a ticket before its assigned start date.


  • Step Flagging & Rejection
      • When an approver rejects a log, they must input a reason for why it was rejected and point to a specific step. 
  • Step Jumping (Beta)
      • Ability to skip over a step if an expected response is received to a checklist step. 
  • Member Preferences
      • Users will now be able to set a Bio, a Primary Work Location, Working Hours, Vacation Blocks from their user profile. 
  • Delayed Check-In Notifications
    • If a ticket requires check-in and it does not happen within 10 minutes of the ticket start time, the ticket owner, participants, and watchers will receive an email notification.


  • Mobile: Asset Timeline
    • This will allow users to see a history of every event that has taken place with a particular asset starting with the creation of the asset. 
  • Mobile: Asset Files
    • Files such as PDFs, Images, and Videos can be attached to an asset and viewed via the mobile application.


  • Asset Timeline
    • This will allow users to see a history of every event that has taken place with a particular asset starting with the creation of the asset. 
    • Preventive Maintenance Scheduler
      • Preventive Maintenance tickets now have more flexibility in the way that they are able to be scheduled. Users can schedule preventive maintenance in a more flexible and robust manner using the new scheduler widget. 
  • Asset Linking (mobile)
    • From Mobile Tickets Information Dashboard, users are now able to view Location and Asset information


  • Ticket Creation Overhaul
    • Ticket creation process has been streamlined with a new UI design. 
    • Functionality has been added to create assets, locations, and checklists. As well as adding new members and teams directly from the ticket creation screen.


  • Ticket Resolution
    • Users will now be able to create, manage and set resolution codes for tickets. These resolutions can be set to be required for ticket completion. 
  • Update Email
    • Users will now be able to change the email listed on their account in their user profile. 
  • Job Roles
    • Users are now able to create and configure ‘Job Roles’ for use on Ticket Billing. These roles can be used to set parameters such as hourly costs and minimums for specific user roles on a ticket.
  • Session Management
    • Optimizations have been made so that users should not experience auto-logout while they are active. 


  • Checklist Performance Optimization
    • When performing a checklist, users should now experience faster load times and less syncing latency. 
  • Asset Template Enhancements
    • When using Asset templates, users will now be able to configure preventive maintenance requirements. This function will enable users to define if a PM is required, the frequency if it is required as well as which checklists to use for the PM.


  • Ticket Scheduling
    • Users are able to show a technician schedule that is able to be sorted by start date, due date, and current week.
  • Element Mini Profile on Tickets
    • Users are now able to click on an element on the Ticket Dashboard and receive basic information about that element in a tooltip. 
  • Email Notifications
    • Owner, Approver, Participant, and Watchers will receive different notifications based on what actions need to be taken on a ticket. 
  • Ticket Billing
    • The Ticket Billing tab will now have its contents separated by cost and billable expenses.
    • Users are able to be assigned to a role to view either cost, billable, or both


  • Billable Expenses
    • Users are now able to mark expenses as ‘billable’.
    • Email Notifications
      • Chekhub User emails now include a section identifying why the user is receiving the email (Participant, Watcher, Approver, Team) 
      • Ticket Filter
        • Users will now be able to sort tickets by ‘Creators’
        • Check-in - Check-out(web)
          • Users that are using the web application will now be able to check-in and out of their respective tickets.
          • Location Types
            • Users will now have access to Location types via the Admin panel. This will help organize locations more efficiently. It will allow users to identify locations and location templates as the types configured.


            • Web Autosave
              • Web will now automatically save individual steps while performing logs.
              • Users will no longer be sent back to incomplete steps while performing logs.
            • Scrollbar Added
              • A visible scroll bar has been added to all lists for more visibility and ease of use.
            • Template Updates
              • Users are now able to add Watchers on a template.
            • Calendar Sorting
              • Tickets on the calendar are now able to be sorted by start date.
            • Search Location
              • Users are now able to search by location on addresses on the assets/locations modules.
            • Caching Changes
              • Enhanced caching changes for improved user experience

              • Dashboard Ticket Filter Update
                • Ticket Filters on the dashboard will now stay selected after navigating away from the page. The Date and Search filters are the exception to this. 
              • Module Tree Search Feature
                • A search feature has been added to the Asset and Teams trees. 
                • This feature also allows users more refined and flexible search options while viewing Assets and Teams. Users are now able to search by name and also other ticket elements such as Tags or Templates.
              • User Management Update
                • My Member Profile has been removed and Edit My Account has been updated to allow users to update the phone number associated with their account. 
              • Rounds Update
                • Fixed errors that during creation would cause duplicate tasks to be shown, would not allow the Rounds to be saved, and would occasionally not return the correct data.


                • Team Permissions Update(mobile)
                  • Fixed an issue that would cause Tickets assigned to Teams to not properly display Start and Preview buttons.
                  • Ticket Properties Update(mobile)
                    • Fixed an issue that would cause Ticket Properties to not display properly.


                  • Group Ticket Approval
                      • Tickets can be submitted for approval by a team. Any member of the team can approve the ticket. 
                  • Updated Billing
                      • The billing tab now shows more information, including total cost and total billable
                      • Users are able to see members that have checked in to the ticket
                  • Enhanced Log Output with Media
                      • Log PDF download has been updated to provide more organized information including all the pictures, comments, and alerts that were added during checklist completion.
                  • Ticket Check-In and Check-Out
                      • Users are now able to select Require Check-In on ticket creation. This feature will allow technicians to Check-In on a ticket and it will track the time spent performing the task
                  • Mobile biometric login
                      • Users are now able to log in to the mobile app using biometrics. 
                  • Mobile app auto-focus
                    • When performing checklists, after completing a step, the focus will shift from that step to the next.


                    • Operator Rounds
                      • Rounds will allow users to schedule tasks for competition on a selected periodical basis. 
                      • Users will be able to assign team members and a task to be completed at these set intervals. 
                      • Easily create Rounds Checklists by dragging and dropping items from your asset library.
                      • Rounds tickets are generated periodically to enable notifications and scheduling.
                      • Dashboards to give insight into how often Rounds are performed on time and alert-free.
                      • Track and trend on asset and location readings.

                    • Websocket Notifications update
                      • Enhanced WebSocket notifications for more specific alerts


                  Template Update

                    • Templates are now organized by type and are easily searchable
                    • Updating templates directly reflect changes on elements where templates are being used
                    • Users can add tags, qualifications, attachments, and other attributes to templates 
                    • Templates are now nested and will inherit properties from their main template



                  • Notifications Enhancements

                  Email notifications to watchers when a ticket is created for the module (or child elements) they are watching. This will also notify watchers when they are added or removed from modules. 

                  • In-Progress Ticket Editing

                  Enables users to edit more fields after a ticket is in progress or completed status. Also added the ability to unsubmit a log after completion.

                  • Performance Enhancement: Caching

                  Performance improvements and system application performance enhancements 

                  • Service Dispatching

                  Dispatch your work tickets to multiple teams and enable dispatchers to assign expert team members, roles, and rates. 

                  • Watcher Enhancements

                  Users are now able to be assigned to be a Ticket Watcher without being able to edit the tickets. 



                  • Daily Activity Report

                  Users are now able to generate a report using daily activity for updated tickets.

                  • Ticket Watcher Enhancements

                  Users will now be able to add another user to the Watch list for tickets, assets, locations, projects, and ticket templates. 

                  • Performance Improvements: Teams and Members

                  Teams and Members modules have been updated to improve user experience. Members list loads faster with updated API calls.



                  • Multiple File Uploads

                  Users will now be able to upload multiple media files for any media step type.  

                  • Start Date Filter for Tickets

                  Tickets are now able to be filtered by Start Date on the dashboard.  

                  • Allows .xlsm and .txt files to be uploaded

                  Support for .xlsm and .txt file types.  

                  • Dashboard for Assets and Locations

                  Graphs and metrics have been added to location and asset profiles. Users will now be able to view those metrics in a dashboard view.

                  • Mobile App Improvements

                  Improvements to the mobile “offline” capability to allow for caching and increased speed during both online and offline use.                 



                  • New filters on table views: 

                  Users are now able to filter the dashboard by Project and Template. Filtering by template will allow users to view and export all template properties from a table view.

                  • Added Exports

                  Assets, Members, and Checklists are now able to be exported directly into .csv files from their respective table views. 

                  • Improved Login Flow

                  Repeated attempts to log in using the wrong credentials will prompt the user to reset their password from an email-generated link.

                  • Dispatcher added to Vendor Teams

                  Dispatcher has been added as a role on vendor teams.



                  • Watchers: 

                  Users can now choose to ‘watch’  tickets, projects, assets, and locations. This will subscribe users to be notified when actions are taken regarding the item that they choose to watch.

                  • Enhanced list views

                  List views have been added to the Assets, Teams, and Checklist modules. Users can now view and export all data for these modules in a table view. This gives users the ability to get a much more informed overview at a glance.

                  • Tags updates

                  Users now have the ability to apply tags to checklists, assets, and locations which will allow users to sort these items more effectively. 

                  • Idle Signout (Web)

                  Stale user sessions on the web application will now be flagged and ultimately logged out if no action is taken for 60 minutes.



                  • Multiple Images on ‘Image Type’ steps: 

                  While performing checklists, users can now upload multiple images per step. Optionally, administrators can set the minimum and maximum amount of images to be uploaded.

                  • Dashboard indicates log exceptions

                  Exceptions and Alerts that are raised while performing checklists as part of a ticket are now indicated on the main ticket dashboard.

                  • Billing added to ticket activity

                  Updating billing information will now be tracked as part of the ticket activity log. This ensures that all updates to a ticket are captured in the comprehensive log.