Add a Service Dispatch

Learn How To Add a Service Dispatch to a Ticket

  1. To add a Service Dispatch you must first create a Ticket. Start from the Dashboard in the navigation dashboard on the left side of your screen.
  2. Once on the Dashboard, click on the button in the top right that says Create Ticket.
  3. Choose a Date when this Ticket will be due by.
  4. Choose a Location or Asset that the Ticket will be done at.
  5. Choose the Checklist that will be completed for this Ticket.
  6. Under the Teams / Members selection, there is a button that you must toggle that says Service Dispatch.
    Service Disp
  7. Once you select Service Dispatch, you must also select a Role & Rate as well as a Dispatch Team to the ticket. 
  8. In order to send the dispatch, you must also click the Send Dispatch button that will appear at the bottom of the ticket.  send dis
  9. You have now added a Service Dispatch to your Ticket!