Understanding Ticket Statuses

What Do the Ticket Statuses Mean, and What Do They Need to Get Them There

The dashboard is home to your ticket view. This is where you will be able to see all of your tickets in all of their stages. 

  • Open - A ticket in the Open status is missing critical information that will allow it to be started. These fields include Time, Date, Location or Asset, Team or Member, or a Checklist. The only thing that is required to create a ticket is the Name.
  • Pending - Tickets in Pending status have all information required to begin but are waiting on an optional approval or acceptance. For a ticket to be in the Pending status, it will have all required fields, Name, Due Date, a Location or Asset, A Checklist, and a Team or Member. These tickets specifically will also have an Approval that it is waiting for before it will move into the Assigned Status. 
  • Assigned - A ticket in Assigned status is ready to start. It has all the required information and is just waiting for the task to begin. Tickets will be in Assigned status when it has all required information, Name, Due Date, a Location or Asset, A Checklist, and a Team or Member. It will also move here from the Pending status if the ticket has an approver and it has been approved. 
  • In Progress - A ticket that is In Progress is actively being worked on by a team or member. A ticket will move into the In Progress status once work has begun on a task from a ticket in the Assigned status. 
  • Completed - A ticket in Completed status is showing that all tasks assigned to this ticket have been finished. This is also when several optional steps including approvals and billing can be completed. Once all of the tasks have been completed on a ticket, the ticket will move into the completed status. 
  • Closed - A ticket that is in the Closed status has been reviewed and dragged into this status after everything on the ticket has been finished and is ready to be archived.