Understanding Ticket Statuses & Lifecycle

What Do the Ticket Statuses Mean & What Is the Lifecycle of a Ticket

The dashboard in Chekhub is home to overview, where you can monitor all your tickets at each stage of their lifecycle. The lifecycle of a ticket in Chekhub follows a structured path, progressing through six different statuses. This guide will outline the necessary steps for each status and provide instructions on transitioning a ticket from Open to Closed.

  • Open:
    • When a ticket is created, it starts in the Open status. At this stage, only the Name field is required.
    • A ticket in Open status lacks critical information needed to advance, such as Time, Date, Location or Asset, Team or Member, or a Checklist.
  • Pending:
    • Tickets in Pending status have all the required information to begin work but are awaiting optional approval or acceptance.
    • To reach Pending status, a ticket must have all required fields: Name, Due Date, Location or Asset, Checklist, and Team or Member.
    • Approval is necessary before moving to the Assigned status.
  • Assigned:
    • A ticket in Assigned status is ready to start; it has all the required information and is waiting for the task work to begin.
    • Tickets will be in Assigned status when they have all necessary details, including Name, Due Date, Location or Asset, Checklist, and Team or Member.
    • Once work begins, the ticket moves to the next stage.
  • In Progress:
    • A ticket in this status is actively being worked on by a team or team member. 
    • If there are multiple tasks on the same ticket, it remains In Progress until all tasks are completed.
  • Completed:
    • The Completed status indicates that all tasks assigned to the ticket have been successfully finished.
    • If additional work is required, a ticket can be reopened, returning the ticket to In Progress until fully completed.
    • This stage may also include additional optional steps, such as approvals and billing.
  • Closed:
    • A ticket reaches Closed status after it has been reviewed and approved, if necessary.
    • The status can be manually changed to Closed or dragged to the Closed section in the dashboard.
  • Archived: 
    • Once all work on the ticket is complete, it is ready to be archived.
    • Unarchived tickets will remain in Closed until you manually archive it.