Using the Calendar

How to Navigate and Use the Calendar

    To access the Calendar page in Chekhub, click the Calendar icon in the navigation menu on the left side of your screen. Once there, you'll see a full monthly calendar in the center, a smaller monthly calendar on the right-hand side, and several search and filter options.

    The main calendar can be switched to display daily, weekly, or monthly views. Each view offers different levels of detail:

    • Daily View: Shows an hourly breakdown of events for the day.
    • Weekly View: Displays day-to-day events for the entire week.
    • Monthly View: Provides a broader overview of events for the entire month.
    • Agenda View: Lists all scheduled events for the week and their respective times.

    The Calendar module provides users with powerful search and filter options, allowing for efficient management of Tickets, Rounds, and PMs. These features make it easy to pinpoint specific tasks, dates, or timeframes, ultimately enhancing organizational capabilities and keeping users on top of their scheduled activities. Whether you're searching for specific events or filtering by categories, these tools boost productivity and ensure seamless access to essential information.