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Navigating the Dashboard

How to Understand and Navigate the Chekhub Dashboard

The Chekhub Dashboard provides you and your organization with an operations management software platform that will allow work to be completed with clarity, precision, and efficiency. The Dashboard has been broken down below into sections to allow you to learn more about what each part of it can do for you.

Navigation | Ticket Stages | Search Filters | Profile Menu | Additional Information


The navigation bar on the left-hand side of your screen is your way to move around Chekhub.

  • Dashboard
    • The main operating page for Chekhub. This is where you can view all of your tickets sorted into individual statuses. We will be covering the rest of what you can do here below!
  • Map
    • A map view that will show where Team Members, Assets, and Locations are located on the map, as well as give you the ability to view and edit them.
  • Calendar
    • A calendar view that shows a view of currently assigned tickets that can be broken down into monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly views. 
  • Projects
    • The Projects page allows you to manage the Projects of your Organization as well as give a more in-depth view of each project. 
  • Assets
    • The Assets page allows you to manage the Assets and Locations of your Organization. 
  • Teams
    • The Teams page allows you to manage the Teams and Members of your Organization. 
  • Checklists
    • The Checklists page allows you to manage and create Regular and Rounds type Checklists.
  • Charts
    • The Charts page is one of the ways to view organizational information such as the number of Active Tickets or Ticket Statuses in easy-to-read, sortable charts.
  • Reports
    • The Reports page is one of the ways to view organizational information in customizable reports that can be easily viewed and exported.
  • Admin
    • The central hub for all of your Chekhub controls. Everything from setting templates, to adding members, to viewing your billing information can be found here. 

Ticket Stages [top]

The dashboard is home to your ticket view. This is where you will be able to see all of your tickets in all of their stages.

Open - A ticket in the Open status is missing critical information that will allow it to be started. These fields include Time, Date, Location or Asset, Team or Member, or a Checklist.

Pending - Tickets in Pending status have all information required to begin but are waiting on an optional approval or acceptance.

Assigned - A ticket in Assigned status is ready to start. It has all the required information and is just waiting for the task to begin. 

In Progress - A ticket that is In Progress is actively being worked on by a team or member. 

Completed - A ticket in Completed status is showing that all tasks assigned to this ticket have been finished. This is also when several optional steps including approvals and billing can be completed. 

Closed - A ticket that is in the Closed status has been reviewed and dragged into this status after everything on the ticket has been finished and is ready to be archived. 

Search Bar / Filters [top]

Can be searched by any category that can be added to the tickets

There is also a field that allows you to choose which ticket types are on your dashboard. Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 1.07.42 PM

Tickets can be sorted on your Dashboard by any field that any standard ticket has. Approvers, Locations, Assets, Teams, Members, Checklists, Projects, Creators Tags, Templates, Start Date, Due Date, Statuses, Priorities, or just a generalized search field.

Profile Menu [top]

  • Edit Account - This is where you can make edits to your account information including your First and Last Name and Email Address. 
  • My Organizations - If you are a member of more than one Organization, this is where you can swap between them. 
  • Dark Mode - This is where you can toggle Dark Mode on and off.
  • Contact Support - This will take you to the Knowledge Base where you can review these guides or submit a support ticket if necessary. 
  • Mobile Application - This dropdown menu contains links for the Apple and Google Play stores where you can download the Chekhub mobile application. 
  • Sign Out - This is where you can sign out of Chekhub on whatever device you are currently on. 

Additional Information [top]

Dashboard View Types - You can toggle the view type of your Dashboard by clicking the view slider Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 12.08.42 PM  This will toggle the view between a list view and a kanban type view. 

Export Daily Activity Report - Clicking the Export Icon  Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 12.08.48 PM  allows you to generate a .csv file of all the daily activity that has occurred. 

Creating Tickets - You are also able to Create Tickets, Schedule Rounds, and Schedule PMs from the Dashboard. If you would like more information about the ticket types and how to use them, please click here.  

Notifications - Any ticket activity this is assigned to you will show as a notification. You can open a ticket from the notification to either begin the work or view the ticket for more information.